Married Mondays and my Trans-Atlantic Love

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The Habibi and I are once again parted by continents and oceans and miles of distance. Left to confessing our thoughts and hopes and dreams through the archaic device of telephone, professing our undying adoration and affection in long letters that we entrust to the gods of mail delivery and pray that it gets promptly delivered, or by little care packages filled with love handed into the safe keeping of relatives that are making the treacherous journey to the other world.  #lol #wheresmypulitzer

First of all, we have so many ways of talking to each other that sometimes we talk to each other more now than we did when we were together. Before I left, he hijacked my phone and downloaded a bunch of apps. As a result, we do a little of  the whatsapping, the hangouting, the duoing, throw in a little of  the skyping, the g-talking, the emailing, and maybe if the mood strikes, the vibering and the facetiming.
The boy has communication covered.
Hopefully we won't be parted for too long, it's really only a matter of official documents, two country governments, processing of documents and issuing of more documents. That's all. Shouldn't take long at all. #deluded

To help with my achy break-y heart, I turned to my friend the internet for advice and consolation.
For all my sisters and brothers out there in my situation, here's my gift to you.

  • There are actual websites for long distance relationships aka LDR aka LDL. 

  • Want to see the business side of long distance loving? The no nonsense stats and facts?         Here you go:

  • It's not all bad! There might be actual perks to being away from your SO(significant other):

  • Don't know how you're gonna get through the week? 

  • Believe it or not; Habibi has never written me a love letter. Or a love email. Or even a love text for that matter. No, I love you does not count Habibi. And no, I love you is not all that matters. I have repeatedly asked for one, but never has one materialized. To force his hand, I am now, from this moment, not going to answer any video calls until I have either an email spouting love nothings or an actual letter written by his very own hand telling me he can't live without me and that even the mere sight of my earlobes send him into euphoric ecstasy. In case he or any of you out there need help, I have made it easier for you.

  • If you and your partner prefer a little bit of a modern touch to your love:
Omg check out number 4

Hope this helps all the couples out there facing distance between themselves. To all the couples out there facing distance between your hearts, maybe the distance to cover isn't too far? 


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