Movie Review: Blind Date: Blindly Go Watch It!

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 Rating: 5/5
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Language: French

Stop. Drop. Go.
Go Go Go watch this movie right now! RIGHT NOW! 
Once you start watching it, don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the heroines doppelgangerish looks of Zooey Deschanel or the hero’s resemble to Leonardo Dicaprio from the front angle and Chris Pine from the side angle – seriously it’s weird and totally distracting. But don’t allow that to happen. Because the true hero of this movie is the story and the wonderful acting by the characters. Don’t allow yourself to get blindsided and try to place the actors because you’re sure you’ve seen them somewhere. I got you covered. Now you know.

The Front Angle: 

Wait for this side angle! It's crazy! 

Don’t get distracted by the fact that the movie is in French and you have to read the subtitles if you don’t know French like me. Don’t get distracted by the mutterings and grumblings of boyfriends or spouses when they realize it's French and there is no escape. #heehee #movienight #myturntopick

Don’t get distracted by the charming Parisian apartment, or the charming Parisian people or the charming Parisian settings. Don’t get distracted by the lead actors and their wonderful emoting and acting. Don’t get distracted by the wonderful hero and his quirkily annoying – so cute but so frustrating - brilliantly portrayed character. Don’t get distracted by his sponge shoes or the super cool game of multi dimensional chess he plays with his friend - or any of his inventions for that matter.  Don’t get distracted by the heroine’s minimalistically uber-chic Parisian wardrobe, or geek chic glasses or her wonderful sense of comic timing.

 I beg you. Don’t get distracted.
Because what you will be missing is a wonderful simply complex love story. You’ll miss the nuances and the jokes,the comedy and the love. This movie is just like Paris itself, slow and rich, filled with wonderful nooks and depth and character. Missing even a single second of such a brilliant movie would be a tragedy. So please please please. Don’t get distracted.

If you must, get distracted by the love, the slow kindling and building of it between the leads, the progression from right now love to all time love, the struggle of inner conflict and dawning of understanding and acceptance, the moment when both the characters resign themselves to being in love and being vulnerable, something the director has handled *  kisses fingers * beautifully.
Or get distracted by the comedy, of which there is oodles of. Get distracted because you rolled off the couch laughing and missed a scene. But rewind of course. #cantmissasinglething

My sister is coming into town soon and she speaks French - so does Ray for that matter - so when she does - guess who is rewatching it with her?
While you're at it - take a guess at who will be watching it with Ray again too. #veryhardquestion #iknow

A few of my favorites: 
Favourite Line: more like favorite word : they call each other 'Whosit' in the beginning until it eventually turns into a term of endearment 
Favourite Scene: so many! But if I had to pick : The cooking scene when they cook ‘together’
Favourite Character: Artus, the hero’s best friend/sidekick/ sounding board/ guardian angel, I loved him in the double date scene 

If I haven't done my job properly and you aren't stopping and dropping everything to watch the movie, #badmove #listentoRumi 
Here's the trailer: WATCH IT!