Sick Day

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Rumi is taking a sick - not really sick- kinda sick but really just want a long weekend and I work for myself so I can - now you're confused and mad that you have to go to work and look at your ugly boss so maybe you should call in sick today too  - kind of day today.

Want to know what I plan to do instead of working?

1. Catch up on my youtube videos
2. Finish reading my go to - when I'm having the blues - novel.
3. Finish binge - watching Marco Polo - my new obsession.
4. Hunt for the cupcakes Habibi hid from me on my request. Screw the diet, I WANT A CUPCAKE.
5. Try out the new Body Shop Tea Tree oil face wash/ scrub/ mask and scare the new puppy.

Therefore :

I will put on the mask and hunt for the cupcakes while simultaneously scare the puppy therefore killing two birds with one stone.
I will then proceed to climb into bed with the aforementioned cupcakes and watch youtube videos while also reading the novel and eating a cupcake, taking care not to eat any of the mask.
I will then endeavor to get up and wash the now cracked and crumbling face mask off my face - not because it is cracked but because it might crumble into the cupcake- not that I care - but because it might ruin the taste.
I will then climb back under my down comforter and watch Marco Polo until the sad bitter end while eating the rest of the cupcakes.

After that...

I don't know.
The world is my oyster.



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