Sneak Peak into Your Favorite Celebrity Homes!

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The latest edition of Architectural Digest India was choc-a-bloc full of celebrity homes, something that is happening with more and more frequency as Bolly wood becomes used to the idea of home tours and showing off their homes. I love seeing what people who have access to the best architects, designers and ideas pick for their own houses, regardless of whether or not they are celebrities. 
Here is a round up of my favorite images from this edition. You can find all the pictures on the site here

Alia Bhatt's Home  

Irfan Khan's House  

Kalyani Saha Chawla's House 

Ms. Chawla and her daughter Tahira Tara

Karan Johar's Office Reception 

Here's Karan giving us a tour of the office: 

Poonawala Family Farmhouse  

Love love love this. 

If you are curious (like I was #nosynancy) of how our very own little miss Priyanka Chopra is living in America, have your fill here.