The Cerebral Breakthroughs | Week That Was (WTW)

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This week, we went in search of not only our roots but those pivotal moments that made us sit up and take notice.

Well, there weren't exactly big breakthroughs really but we did have a more cerebral experience than usual.

Let's work our way backwards this time with Ray's show-and-tell of handmade gifts with hand-lettering, Handlettering the world, that makes for a great gift for little kids in Being Art'ruistic. In the meantime, Rumi fell down the rabbit hole so hard she reached China as she went obsessively researching the Only Chinese Empress, Princess Wu.
If that wasn't exciting enough (it was!), nerdy Ray proceeded to tell us about How to move the search bar in Dynamic Views in Blogger which was somewhat exciting (we think)
Rumi has been all agog about one person or another and in another rabbit hole, she finds herself Falling in love with artist Subra's masterpieces. Check it out and you will understand why.
Another session of The Ad-alat is back and this time Ray went traveling around India through the latest Indian tourism ads!
Since the long weekend we've been waiting for is a way's away, Rumi decided to take a sick day and make it her own with cupcakes, puppies, and of course, TV in Vegging out on a Monday. After all, all geniuses need some rest...and puppies.

And so, here at Aigu, the weekend starts again.

It was a good week.

Ray and Rumi