The Colorful Medium: Sandpaper, Oil Pastels, & Charcoal | Being Art'ruistic

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I LOVE using oil pastels on sandpaper!

There's just something so relaxing watching the vibrant colors smoothing over the rough texture, gradually filling in the tiny grooves, it's almost ASMR-esque.

When I first started on this, Rumi and I were attempting to make a colorful background for our website (the one you're on, of course). So, I was armed with oil pastels and some 180-grade sandpaper while Rumi got herself set up with cute watercolor palettes and her phone on Instagram. We looked like little kids in art class - quietly working on our supposed masterpieces, while Masterchef played in the background. This is what I ended up with.

It was okay but not exactly what we were looking for. If you thought it was just oil pastels on sandpaper that made me feel so happy, wait until I tell about the ASMR joys that charcoal on sandpaper gives me.

Ah - the sounds send the back of my head all tingly.

Nothing on this piece was planned. Everything just happened organically and without any reference. Because a) I was just doodling, and b) I was in it for the beautiful sounds.

For some of the finer lines, I used a graphite pencil but I kept to the charcoal pencil mostly. I had to keep a small piece of printing paper under my hand at all times because everything on this paper has a tendency to smudge.

My favorite is the sleeping dog. He fits in so perfectly with the piece even though he doesn't fit in with the theme at all. After all, it's unlikely that the Indian princes had their dogs sleeping in the same room when they were romancing their ladies.

I enjoyed making this extremely colorful and sonorous sandpaper art. Let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried such unconventional mixed media.


Ray out! Peace!  
Photo credit: me of course:)