The Half-Year Milestone | Week That Was (WTW)

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We are halfway through the year. The Aigu year that is.

That's right...26 weeks ago, a mere six months ago, a paltry 182 days since we started Aigu to celebrate our love of celebratin'.

This week, we seem to be focused on a) Romance and b) Writing 

Rumi jumped right into it with the continuing story of how she met the man she was to marry in Married Mondays. At a temple, no less. Still keeping the romantic mood alive, she reviewed a movie several decades old starring Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford in 'The Way We Were'. And of course, what's a movie without a book that also talks about love in mysterious places. This time based on a true story of Ancient China in Rumi's book review of Weina Dai Randel's duology of 'The Moon in the Palace' and 'The Empress of Bright Moon'.

In the other side of the coin, Ray went the nerdy route with a CutieCoding post on how to use Google's web fonts in Blogger while celebrating Google turning 18 and just about legal. Come Thursday, we found another post speaking in geek-latin on how to make your Blog header image clickable for Blogger's dynamic views template. A topic we found no other article for. And finally, it looks like the same pens in our first product review of Brustro Technical Pens Set.

And that's how our week went. How was yours?

It was a good week.

Ray and Rumi


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