Golden Milk? Haldi Ka Dudh? Turmeric Milk? Would a Rose by any other name smell as sweet?

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I'm in Vegas! With family and friends! Celebrating my first anniversary! With Habibi!

Sounds perfect right? Like a dream come alive. Like a wish came true. Like hope blossomed into reality. #yehyehyeh

It is. It was.
Everything and so much more. Much Much More.
I got to do everything with a fever and a cold and the flu. Joy.

Let me tell you a little something. Traveling while being sick sucks. We all know that. You know what sucks even more? Being in Las Vegas while being Las Sick.
I'm trying to make the best of it but day by day, the more I push myself; the worse I get. The best part of my day has been when I wake up and get to drink some hot water and lemon... in Vegas... while in Vegas. #talkaboutbadluck

What I really want though is some of my grandmother's good ol' turmeric milk. The kinda peppery kinda spicy kinda sweet kinda warm concoction she would pour down our throats when we were sick.

I've already spoken about it in my post about how the West was finally coming around to how cool the East is but I didn't give you guys my grandmothers recipe then.

Here it is.

Good 'ol Fashioned Get Me Better Golden Goddess 

1 cup Milk 
2 teaspoons Turmeric 
2 teaspoons Ground Pepper 
1 thumb sized piece of Jaggery 
pinch of Saffron 


1. Heat the cup of milk with the jaggery and the pinch of saffron 
     - you can either nuke it in the microwave for a few minutes or put it on the stove: the goal is for it to be soothingly warm, not too hot and definitely not lukewarm
     - jaggery is cane sugar that is used in India. If you can't get a hold of some, substitute with honey 
       but in my opinion : try to get a hold of some. It makes a lot of difference. 

2. add in the turmeric and the ground pepper and stir until everything is mixed thoroughly and the turmeric is incorporated into the milk 
      - the more you add of turmeric and ground pepper, the better it is for you so add as much as you  
        can tolerate 
3. Take a sip and adjust the sugar or pepper or turmeric according to taste. Remember - the more the better. 

Drink up and rest assured your cold is already going away! 

I found some cool links online if you want to explore more. 

Here's a cool recipe  if you want to substitute milk with almond milk. 

Read this article to find out the science behind the magic of turmeric milk. 


*pictures aren't mine. I'm too sick and too depraved of turmeric milk to take any. #pityparty


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