Sartorial Schizophrenia: American Music Awards 2016

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The AMA's were held in LA this Sunday. I was looking forward to checking out all the cool looks that the celebrities would parade down the red carpet; the Music Awards usually being an excuse for the celebrities and their stylists to get a little experimental and creative, letting out their inner rock stars and divas. Boy was I sorely disappointed this year. No one, not one single person, gave me a super cool look from head to toe. My girl Chrissy tried but even she let me down with make-up.
Le Sigh.
There were a few looks that I really liked but definitely not for the AMA's.

Major Fashion Trends:
  • Pantsuits/Rompers 
  • Sheer Gowns

Major Hair Trends: 
  • Wet look/ Slicked back hair 
  • one shoulder cascading waves 
  • ponytails 
Major Make-up Trends: 
  • The nude eye and dark lip combo 
  • the barely there make-up look 
  • the 90's nude look 



Favorite pantsuit/romper of the night:

Sheer Gowns: 

See what I mean. MEH. 

Favorite sheer gown: 

Can we take a moment to say a little prayer of thanks for that highlighter though?!  Her cheekbones be POPPIN'. 
Praise be to the Lord! 

Top looks of the night: 

Loving the green with that berry lipstick shade! 


Chrissy : 
Told ya. She tried. A little more in the hair department and she woulda hit it out of the ball-park for me. 

The No NO NO! looks of the night: 

No to the dress and no to the socks. 

If it were an event at the White House, or prom, or her sweet sixteen. She did look sweet though. 

You think I'm deluded and being mean to a pregnant girl aren't you? That, yes, it's not great but it doesn't warrant a NO. 
Well. Wait for it. 

Told ya. 

Joan Smalls: 


photo credit: people and us magazines