Sartorial Schizophrenia: Fall/Winter Trends 2016

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I find it super annoying that the Fashion collections show seasons in advance. I don't want to be looking at winter clothing in the middle of summer, although I don't mind looking at summer clothing in the middle of winter. #hypocrite #yesthatsme

I guess it does give one time to prepare and prep and understand what the coming trends will be but by the time that season rolls around,  I'm usually over it or worse.. forget. One trend I definitely won't be forgetting for this fall/winter is how everyone is all over velvet. ( Not over it.. all over it.. #subtledifference #worldofdifference #habibitakenotes)

Don't believe me? Ask the Jenner/Kardashians. Would They ever lead you astray?


Remember when they even got their cars wrapped in velvet? If that's not a trend then I don't know what is.. 

Velvet has gotten a super chic make-over all around the world, with newer quality fabric, richer colors on thinner material, plains and prints galore. It's definitely time to jump on the Velvet band-wagon where ever you are in the world.

Scared of rocking a head to toe velvet look?

Start small with just a headband or scarf looped around your neck:

Or rock a cross body or clutch for a night out or drinks with a cutie:

Want to wear a little velvet something to work but are worried you'll get weird looks? 
Put on a pair of shoes and rock the Russian Czar look! #werkit 

Ready for something a little more daring and dashing? 
You could do a velvet blazer or pants to an office party or an uber-chic meeting: 

Don't dare wear anything velvet to work? Throw on a cute tunic or shirt dress for brunch! 

Still not convinced? 
Mantra #1: when in doubt, do as Blake Lively would do: 

Jennifer Lawrence: 

If you're still like nope nope nope, thanks but i'll sit this one out, I still have one more ace up my sleeve. 

Are you afraid? Picturing a house where the 1960's threw up? DON'T.
Trust me. 


Dude. At least get a throw pillow in velvet. Come on now.

For my Indian girls out there. You know I wouldn't leave you hanging. Plus I saved the best for last. 
Sabyasachi AND Christian Louboutin!!! 

The shoes! The shoes! Oh the shoes!

Go get your velvet on girls! Better to be late then never even arrive to the party!