Status: Stalking... Doors

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This edition of Status Stalking is a little different in the sense that you will be let in on a little secret.

 Rumi has a waaah-ierd obsession. She loves stalking doors and she's willing to go to any length to get a good picture. Nicely asking the owner - check. Nicely asking the owner and getting shooed away - check. Sneaking back to take the picture anyway - check. Getting caught - check. Waiting around the vicinity a few hours until the coast is clear  and light is perfect - check.  Scurrying down shady lanes and running past questionable bumps and lumps in dark by-lanes - check. Getting yelled at by Habibi - check. Tripping and falling while escaping goons who turned out to be mice in the alleyways while Habibi is yelling in the background- check.
Nothing can get between that girl and her doors. Apparently she's not alone.

Which is your favorite? 



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