The Indian Cure-All That Rid My Asthma

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Rumi and I seem to be loving all this turmeric talk, don't we?!

If you're expecting a fancy recipe for this turmeric cure-all, you're not gonna get one. Because it's just fresh turmeric roots with lots and lots of honey. No drama.

The backstory.

Not to put a gloomy picture to it but growing up with asthma meant I was constantly struggling with breathing. Worrying about dust, pollen, the weather, air pollution, and the most dreaded of them all, P.E. class. Yeah, I know.

So, yeah. It was okay but also really really serious sometimes. Like, trips to the hospital serious. I got used to carrying and partaking all kinds of medicines. And, I actually had a fully-equipped first-aid kit on me at all times! Yeah! AH KNOW!

People would suggest all kinds of treatments. From experimental inhalation therapies, homeopathy, Ayurveda, to the somewhat dubious "Fish" treatment of Hyderabad, I tried ALL of them. Even the fish thing. Ach!

It would work for a little while but then it was back to the constant vigilance, avoidance, and just plain breathlessness. So annoying. Having these breathless attacks also meant I was susceptible to other associated breathing disorders which meant more doctors, more treatments, more trips to the hospital, and more of me grumbling.

Then, around age 10, it finally came my grandmother's turn to try her wise medicine on me. Oh well, everybody had a turn. Now it was hers. That's when I got to down this "cure-all" every day for 100 days.

That was the thing.

It had to be a 100 continuous days. No breaks. If I missed even one single day, the count had to start all over again. So, every morning, I had to somehow swallow (and keep it down) two tablespoonfuls of turmeric and honey. The first thing in the morning. On an empty stomach.

I fell off the wagon many times. I was a kid! What did you expect?!

But, by the time, I got around to finally completing a full hundred days of having turmeric-honey (a year later!), I couldn't believe it! I had actually gone a hundred days without an asthmatic bout!

Soon, I weaned myself off the nebulizers, the pills, and finally the inhalers. It had happened. I was finally able to breathe. Since my recovery... of sorts, I did have a few breathless bouts but mostly because I didn't really keep having it everyday. Come on! I was a kid! And thought I was invincible. But of course.

Anyhoo, I didn't go back to breathing machines after I'd completed yet another 100-day course when I was around fifteen. I have had a few bouts since then but none that needed an inhaler. So yay! Now, as an adult for many years, I still have my turmeric-honey thing but not everyday. Just, once in a while. It almost tastes good. Almost.

So though it was an uphill task, my asthma managed to stay at bay, thanks to some good ol' Indian homemade medicine.

Here's the recipe.

  • 500 grams of freshly ground tumeric roots, thoroughly cleaned
  • 500 grams of Jungle Honey
  • 3 tablespoons of Water
  • 2 Sterilized Jars (I use the Nutella jars)

Grind it up, mix it all up, and pour it into the sterilized jars. Then, store them in the refrigerator. It's hard to gulp down the mixture when it's cold so you might like it better if it's at room temperature. Also, honey does have a tendency to crystallize but that doesn't mean it's turned. It's just a natural process so let it stay out of the fridge for a bit and it should go back to its usual form.

I hope my story helps you. Stay beautiful.


Ray, out! Peace!