Vietnamese Weasel Egg Coffee Recipe

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I recently went off the grid, and I mean, OFF-THE-GRID! Kinda left Rumi in the lurch - sowwiee! How did I go all spy mode on everyone? I went to Vietnam! (Too many Bond movies, eh?) 

Not that Vietnam is really that ways away... BUT some things happened and then some more things happened and...ahem... now I am back on solid ground and raring to share my love of trying out new things from 'round the world. Vietnam is the proud country to boast about being 'The Coffee Capital of Asia' and with good reason too! 

In Hanoi, there is a market street just dedicated to everything and only to do with Coffee! (Don't you think that street shoulda been called Joe street? Get it? Sigh. No takers again?)

Vietnamese Weasel Egg Coffee Recipe

Anyhoos, one of the must-try things in Vietnam is Weasel Coffee (called cà phê Chồn in Vietnamese), also dubbed as 'Crap Coffee' or 'Shit Coffee'. I know, right? It's literally crap! Not the taste though, that's absolutely divine, but the way it's made.

Weasels are fed coffee cherries and since they can't be fully digested by these agile creatures, the partly digested coffee fruits show up in their feces (uh hmm uh hmm) which are then dried and lightly roasted to make what's considered to one of the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak! If you thought that that was it, the answer is an unequivocal 'no'. 

Depending on the variety of the coffee fruits, the taste and the caffeine content of the crapped out weasel coffee changes. Arabica, robusta, you name it, each of these coffee fruits produce their own version of Weasel coffee that range in taste and of course, price. While we are on the topic of coffee, did I mention that there's a street in Hanoi solely dedicated to coffee? 

Well, there's one such place that's known for serving what's called Egg Coffee! Mr. Giang created the Egg Coffee several decades ago (I believe in the 1970s) as a creative way to promote the coffee culture that typically enjoys it with milk (as in all Asian countries) at a time when milk was scarce in Vietnam. As a substitute for milk, egg yolk and some sweetened condensed milk is used, making this one of the creamiest coffee you'll ever have. I became a regular at Mr. Giang's quaint little establishment and became baast fraaands with all the folks at this charming little cafe, and even got comfy in their tiny kitchen just to observe the hundreds of visitors they get everyday. It was quite surprising how many people wanted selfies with me and wanted to talk about the Indian movie '3 Idiots'. Yeah, I know, right?  

Now that I am back home, I miss everything. I sorely miss the sharp hit of sweetness of the egg coffee and strong aroma of the Weasel coffee (addicted, much?). 

And, I miss all the smiling faces excitedly telling me about the Indian TV soaps and crazy movies and our bollywood item songs...all by hand gestures and by showing pictures on their phones, btw. So, here is my version of the Egg coffee, using Kopi Luwalk, aka Weasel Coffee as a salute to this wonderful creation!
Vietnamese Weasel Egg Coffee Recipe

A quick note though. Along with the Kopi Luwak or Weasel Coffee grounds, I also got the traditional filter called 'phim'. Since Indians, especially South Indians, are no strangers to filter coffee, having a phim might be a lot of fun. 

This is what a phim looks like:

Vietnamese Weasel Egg Coffee Recipe

Another quick note: I didn't use sweetened condensed milk because a) I was too lazy to go to the store to buy some and b) I usually make condensed milk at home and I didn't feel like moving my bottom to make a batch and c) Do you know how many additives they add in that one can?

Now, the original recipe doesn't call for a bain marie (a hot water bath, if you please) but since it would be harder to convince my friends to try the coffee with raw egg yolks in it, I decided to play a little with the recipe. Which is also another reason why I didn't use sweetened condensed milk. Okay.

Now proceeding to the Vietnamese (or Hanoiian) Kopi Luwak Egg Coffee!

Vietnamese Weasel Egg Coffee Recipe

Vietnamese Weasel Egg Coffee Recipe


Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 5 minutes Total time: 30 minutes


Perfect for: LowLactose, Vegetarian  
Category: Drink
Yield: Makes 8 espresso-size cups of Vietnamese Egg Coffee Serving size:

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving: 79 cal


4 teaspoons of Vietnamese Weasel Coffee  
150 ml of Boiling Water  
4 Egg Yolks  
6 teaspoons of Heavy Cream
6 teaspoons of Sugar  
2 teaspoons of Whole Milk  
Any Coffee Press or Coffee Filter Paper


1. Start by preparing your Vietnamese Weasel coffee by boiling some water until it's bubbling hot.

2. Set a filtering apparatus over your coffee pot or mug and add the Kopi Luwak coffee grounds (or your regular coffee grounds) into it.

 3. Pour the boiling hot water in the filter and let it sit for about 20 minutes or until all the water trickles through the coffee into beautiful aromatic coffee in the pot below.

 4. In the meantime, set up a bain-marie or a double boiler and make sure that the water is bubbling hot.

5. In a large bowl, whisk 4 large egg yolks for 5 whole minutes until they are pale yellow and creamy in texture.

6. Add in the rest of the ingredients; sugar, heavy cream, and some whole milk. You can skip the whole milk if you just have whipping cream.

7. Now, place your bowl on your bain-marie and continue whisking until you see it thickening up. The second you notice that change, take it off hot water bath.

8. Working quickly, pour a small shot of your Weasel coffee into your coffee cup and then add 3 tablespoons of this egg yolk foam like mixture on top of it.

9. Serve as is with a spoon so that they get to play around with the beautiful liquid and get the complete experience.

10. Makes 8 espresso-size cups of Vietnamese Weasel Egg Coffee.

11. Yenjai!

Ray, out! Peace!


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