Another Star Returns to the Stars

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India lost a star yesterday. Although Jayalalithaa was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, I don't think I am incorrect in stating that all of India and not just the southern state of TN suffered a loss.

I am always in awe of people who are able to overcome humble beginnings and hard situations and rise above a normal pedestrian life, fulfilling all of their potential. Regardless of gender, social status or class, I always think those individuals go through life with a little extra star dust on their shoulders, helping make them the other worldly rock stars that they are. 

Jayalalithaa was one of those rock stars. Knocking home runs out of the ball park with every rock or stone that was hurled her way. She didn't have an easy life. Far from it. But somehow she found the courage and perseverance to stick to her path and not give up. To make the jump from award winning school girl to dancing in cinemas, to becoming a lead actress, to then jumping onto the political bandwagon. Clearly she was an all- rounder, excelling at anything and everything she touched, but I think that is more due to her persistence rather than sheer dumb luck. 

I have a feeling that what we do know of her versus what we have heard of her and what is the truth are probably worlds apart, just like how she managed to stay connected and yet remain aloof to all of her followers. 

Regardless of what is true and what is false, what is hearsay and what is propaganda;  I can tell you one thing for sure. India has lost a charismatic enigma. 



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