Can't Stop The Crazy Wedding Fever

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I figured I might as well continue with the insane wedding theme I have going on here. The wedding featured today happened awhile ago so i'm definitely late to the party.
How late you ask?

Picture a pretty Indian girl, mid-20's, modern in taste yet conservative in thought; dressed extravagantly, even almost ostentatiously, for an Indian wedding.
Place that girl in the middle of a crowded street in modern day India on a cool December morning, amidst a raucous and increasingly rowdy baarat, her eyes closed, arms raised, twirling and matching the Bollywood beat pounding through the portable speakers, step for step with her best friends.
In your minds eye, imagine the girl slowly opening her eyes to a deserted street, littered with used fireworks, empty plastic cups that once were filled to the brim with champagne, confetti and colored banners thrown around waiting to be trampled upon, their destinies obliged, fulfilled.
Imagine her slowly look left, then right, turn a full circle before she finally accepts that the party has moved on, and that she alone stands in the aftermath of joy.

That girl is me. That is how late we are to the party. #betterlatethannever

Never the mind.

This wedding caused a lot of hoo haa. The wedding invite itself caused a frenzy, akin to a dog waiting to greet its' owner after a long day of separation.

Here's the video that came in the invitation box.

This was the Engagement:

Not too bad right. Definitely not something to cause nation wide tremors.

But then that invite happened.
The speculation and rumors just picked up speed and incredibility from there.

Here's the Sangeet.

With 4 outfit changes....

Here's her Mehendi wearing the same outfit that Neeta Lulla's daughter wore to get married in.

Here are some pictures of a Pooja they did before the wedding.

I can't place these two events, I'm thinking pre- sangeet and pre-wedding:

Finally we get to the Wedding

Think we're done? 
No way. 
Wait till you see the Reception


Here's a video just in case you missed the diamonds in the pictures.

To each his own. 

picture credits: RVR Pro, random stalking online, various TV channels - thank god for snoopy meddling co - stalkers!


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