When in an LA Rabbit Hole...

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I don't know if it's the vibe/energy of the place or the need for me to fit into the local scene here in LA (i've only been here 1 day by the way.. and we leave tomorrow #lol #livelikethelocals) but I have suddenly felt the lack of crystals in my life.

It all began with a usual journey down a rabbit hole, the wheres and whens are inconsequential and unimportant (basically I forgot) but I found myself staring at pages and pages of pretty pretty pictures of crystals. 

Which led me to want to understand the meaning behind each of the crystals - well not each of the crystals; just the ones I thought were super pretty. 

Then I decided I needed to know the difference between a geode and a crystal. Long story short - Crystals are inside geodes. 

I got bored pretty quickly so I started checking my mail when I discover, to my amazement and the power of crystals, Goop had sent me a newsletter on.... wait for it... Crystals! 


Here's the article

Then I -somehow- came upon the best thing in the world. 

Mini Crystal Terranium Gardens. 

Want one so bad. 

Then I saw this. 

This artist goes around town and just fills cracks and holes with pretty geode like art installations. 

VOW ya. 

Here are more of the super cool images.