Fitness Friday

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In an attempt to up my fitness game from walking around the house in various forms of circles i.e. :

I have decided to take up running. I usually adopt this game plan when I decided to bust out the old running moves i.e. usually when there is a cute guy in the gym or in the park :

But now I'm old and married, and don't need to impress anyone with my running skills and plant seeds of Baywatch-esque runs in their heads.

So i've decided to just let my inner runner out and run how I want to.

In case any of you want to give the good ol' running a good ol' try the good ol' proper way I have found the.. and I mean THE best article to start you on your way to becoming Usain Bolt.

We contacted him for a press quote. He sent us this in response.

PS - just kidding. He didn't. #duh

In addition to getting your form down, it's important to have entertainment while you are dying on the sidewalk or the treadmill.

No fear, Rumi is here. Turn this playlist on and let your inner runner out!



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