Indian Sesame Seed Candy Recipe (Till ke Laddu)

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'Tis the season of flying kites, cuddling into woollen clothes, and eating a lot of yummy food here in India. Of course, when is it not a time to eat great food here?

Sesame Seed Candies (Til ka laddu)

Happy Makar Sankranti everyone! 

It's also the festival when we all get to make and eat one of my favorite candies, Til Laddoos. It's essentially made from sesame seeds and jaggery and according to all the oldies, it keeps your body warm. If you eat enough of it, it also apparently preps you for the oncoming harsh summertimes.

My guess is it's all the zinc doing its thang but does nature ever really reveal its secrets?

Sesame Seed Candies (Til ka laddu)


You can use either white or black sesame seeds or mix the two. They have their individual unique nutty flavors but they are crunchy and delicious just the same.

Here it is!

Sesame Seed Candies (Til ka laddu)
Thankfully, in India, you get sesame seeds and jaggery in the exact proportions you need for the recipe. Oh goodie!

Sesame Seed Candies (Til ka laddu)


Sesame Seed Candies (Til ka laddu)


Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 25 minutes Total time: 40 minutes


Perfect for: GlutenFree, LowCalorie, Vegan, LowLactose Cuisine: Indian Category: Candies Yield: 105 Sesame Seed Candies

Nutrition Information

Calories per serving: 35 cal


600 grams unpolished Sesame Seeds 400 grams Sugarcane Jaggery, used specifically for making Indian candies Cooking Method: Roasting


1. In a large wok, roast the sesame seeds while stirring constantly until you hear the sound of popping and a sweet smell of sesame oil in the air. Make sure to keep stirring to roast all the seeds evenly. Spread it all out on a large plate to cool.

2. Now, in the same wok, place the jaggery (either as a block or in pieces, however you got it) and let it melt on a medium flame. Ensure that you're stirring frequently and pressing the jaggery into the wok so that it melts evenly. You know that the jaggery is ready when you let the molten liquid fall from your stirring spatula and it falls in a continuous flowing unbroken string (in local Indian terms, this test is also called 'Ektaara' which transliterates to 'a string'). Another test is to let a drop fall onto a piece of paper or a metal plate and if it hardens into a smooth shape within five seconds, it's done. This melting process should take about five to ten minutes.

3. Gradually, add back the now-cooled sesame seeds into the wok in parts. Pour in a portion of the sesame seeds and fold it into the molten jaggery completely before adding in the next portion. Keep doing this until it's all mixed. Don't forget that the wok is still on a low flame to keep the jaggery hot and melted.

4. Once it's all added in, switch off the stove.

5. Now, you need to work quickly.

6. Apply some coconut oil on your palms.

7. Using a teaspoon, scoop out some of the sesame-jaggery mixture into your palms and quickly roll them into balls (tee hee).

8. Makes about a hundred Sesame Seed candies.

9. Yenjai!

Ray, out! Peace!