Married Mondays: V Day Prep Part 2

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Last week I told you guys that I had already begun prepping for  Valentine's Day. It's going well. I have bombarded and bamboozled Habibi with various pictures and images and ads and words. All very subtley of course. Or so I thought until Saturday night when he finally told me to cease and desist because he got the point.. and the hint(s). He also said I was as subtle about it as a bull in a china shop. #rude #whatever

A bunch of celebrities carry around custom hand painted bags, first coming to my attention thanks to none other than the Kardashians. #duh

So cool. I want. But there is a slightly minor obstacle standing in my way.
A Birkin hasn't come into my life yet. #lesigh

I will have to suffice myself with a custom paint job on another handbag.

One problem solved. Here comes the next one.
Who exactly can do these paintings and not ruin my handbag? Who can I trust with my expensive luxury purse?

Well apparently; there are quite a few people who are willing and more than qualified to do this.

1. Alec Monopoly

FYI: He's also the one that customized Khloe Kardashian's Birkin.

2. Boyarde 

                                                           Boyarde's Instagram 

3. Erzen
PS- my absolute favourite

sigh. to die for.

4. Bergen Bags 

If you want a bag painted by a celebrity a la Candice Bergen: 

5. If you are too apprehensive about trusting a stranger to do their magic on your beloved bag; you an always go through the company. While you won't get a wide range of options to customize, you will sleep peacefully at night knowing what the exact result of your customization will be. 
Sound interesting? Here's a more in depth article. 

I found this article interesting - the author calls customizing Hermes bags 'defacement'. #tomatotomahtoe

Happy shopping!