Married Mondays: Valentines Day Prepping

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Any female who has been married for more than a hot second knows that in order to get something she wants from her significant other, the seed must first be planted. So here I am. Planting.

Valentines Day is coming up and I have decided I want Habibi to surprise me with a hand painted purse/bag/wallet. Just kidding. He doesn't have to surprise me.

My love for handpainted bags started with Marc Jacobs and his too damn handsome face.

When he was the creative director for Louis Vuitton (1997-2014), one of the collaborations he did was with Stephen Sprouse in 2001.

I remember falling immediately in love with this collection when it came out, but I never managed to make it to the store to get my hands on one. #regretofmylife

I've always loved florals and recently when Gucci came out with their floral Dionysus collection, I fell back in love.


Granted these are all mass produced and the florals aren't handpainted individually on each bag, but that doesn't bother me too much. I definitely wouldn't be complaining if I had one of these pretty things hanging off my shoulder. 

I wondered if there was someone out there who does custom hand-painting work on high end leather goods. 

Check back next week to see if I did and start planting your seeds ladies! 



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