Sartorial Schizophrenia: Golden Globes 2017

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Sartorially speaking, there were quite a few memos that went out for this years Golden Globes.
Sartorially speaking, everyone was all over the place.
Sartorially speaking, Pierce Brosnan killed it.

Strictly sartorially speaking.


Trend Number Uno: the Golden Globes Trends

Long sleeves, longer hemlines, and even longer necklines. Gotta show those golden globes off. #harhar #winkwink

Trend Number 2 (Uno is the limit of my spanish speaking capabilities): The Bold and the Beautiful

The we can rock deep necklines and show off our toned guns at the same time group. #daretodisco

Trend number 3: Tried and Tested

The Typical Hollywood Types.

Trend number 4: The 50 shades of hello yellow memo

Trend number 5: The Feminist Front

Trend number 6:  The metal to the pedal groupies

Trend number 7:  The frothy lacey Romantics have arrived

Trend number 8: The Morticia Addams Conference was in town and we just rewore our outfits gang

Trend number 9: The Prettys.

Trend number 10: The please forgive us - we had a bad day girls. #rip


  • Rosy eyes and cheeks 
  • Flashback Friday '70's 
  • Nude eyes and dark vampy lips 


The girls sure did bring the va va voom last night! 

And in case you needed a little eye candy: 



photo credits: the wonderful internet and people and usweekly


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