Sartorial Schizophrenia: SAG Awards 2017

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The Screen Actor Guild Awards were held last night in LA so you know what that means here on the blog!

I'm going to get right down to it because
A. I'm kinda tired
B. Habibi just got back from a week away hence I want to cuddle therefore we are picking up the pace on this post in as much as I can.

The Trends:

For Fashion we have -

1.The pant suit/pantsuit inspired/pantsuit wannabes
2. The Virginal Whites
3. The back to nature
4.The we are young and like to experiment
5. The we will keep the dress relatively simple and go wild with the accessories
6. the shimma shimmas
7 and 8. the we love embroidery
9. the we are glamorous and can take risks
10. the Nudes

Last but not least: The Nudes

Make- up Trends:

1. Dark eyes/ nude or Dark eyes/peachy pinky lips
2. Vino For Days Lips