Wellness Wednesday: Celebrity Style

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Remember how I said I was going on a health/fitness spree and that I would check in on a regular basis to let you know how I was doing?  That clearly didn't happen. #fail

I have been pretty good at staying active though, drinking my potions, making sure I get my steps in and keeping myself happy; I just haven't told you guys about it. Who wants to hear about some goody two-shoes during the holiday season anyway? #eyeroll #amiright #oramiright

I have utterly and completely failed at the drinking more water bit though. Like utter utter fail.  #doublefail #ohwell

What I have been doing though, is slowly transforming myself into the Goop Goddess Gwyneth Paltrow herself. Not even by my own will, it's like the stars and destiny and my sister are all working together to make it happen. #huh

Here, let me tell you a story and you will understand how this has been in the works for a while, unbeknown to me.  #theuniverseworksinmysteriousways

Once upon a time, a rapidly departing her youth young girl was reading a GOOP newsletter when she came upon a recipe for a morning smoothie that Paltrow drinks everyday.

She was intrigued, but didn't think too much of it, after all, it is GOOP, and of course Paltrow would drink a Sex Dust concoction, it probably comes in the contract of being married to a rockstar. She did feel a twinge, of regret maybe or maybe it was sadness, that she couldn't try this smoothie even she wanted, everyone knows international shipping is ridiculous. Not that she needed sex dust, she snorted to herself, she was a newly-wed, that was all the magic she needed. But it would have been nice to have the option to try.

Fast Forward a few months.
That very same very young girl was now in America, the land of vaginal steaming and sex dusting. Not that any of that concerned her. Her main concern was if they would let her eat Chipotle in Sephora.

Fast Forward a few days.
She has decided to go on a fitness/health spree. Cue the green juices and the walking.

Fast Forward a few weeks.
Habibi is in America. A family vacation is planned. Somehow, by some force of nature aka her sister, they end up in the Moon Juice store.

She spies the Dusts. Suddenly she makes the connection. This is that dust. The very same dust Paltrow uses in her smoothie. The white puffy clouds part and a chorus of singing angels accompany the rainbows going off in her head.
 So many dusts. Right in front of her.  She can dust to her hearts content.

Fast Forward 10 minutes.

She gets a Silver Strawberry with a serving of beauty dust mixed in. One sip and she can feel the dust working its magic. Sex Dust, she turns her nose up at you. A quick consult with her sister results in the revelation that they have no baggage space to make any purchases. The rainbow kaleidoscope quickly turns to gutter grey, the angels depart and the clouds disappear. She shakes her head in sadness as she follows her family out the door, glancing back over her shoulder for a final longing tear stained look towards the powders, potions and dusts.

Fast Forward a week.
Habibi discovers products can be ordered online. Products are ordered. The sun shines again.

The smoothie is being made and drunk to glory. She loves her daily morning ritual of measuring and blending 11 different powders and butters and dusts to make one little glass of scrumptious glorious miraculous smoothie. Truly.
She loves when she accidentally measures everything in Tablespoons and not teaspoons. Such fun.


PS - don't ask why Goop's picture of the smoothie is nice and pinkish and mine is... well....


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