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Rumi Rating: 2/5

Dear Gauri Shinde :
What happened? Where did your magic go? Your unique talent - one that you exhibited so well in English Vinglish- seems to have gotten lost in the hoopla of big stars and even bigger budgets. Your ability to take a highly specific, extremely personal and commonly occurring yet always ignored problem and turn it into a plot line that allows the audience to understand and sympathize with the protagonist is what got you a hit in the first place. English Vinglish had a simple story : an Indian housewife learns English and finds herself along the way. Throw in an irascible husband, a potential love interest and amazing laddoo making skills and hello box office wonder. This movie had too many tangents, too many subplots and parallel stories and in doing so, our attention was spread thin. We didn't know what to focus on, and the actual story/cause which you so bravely tried to give a voice to, got lost. S'ok. Happens to the best of us.

Dear Karan Johar:
Dude. What is going on with you re? First Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and now this? I'm starting to worry. I understand your need to broaden your reach and cater to a wider audience, but writing/producing scripts that you think will work well with the NRI audience isn't working out too well for you brah. #checkyourselfbeforeyouwreckyourself

Dear Alia Bhatt:
I get it. Being adorable and acting perfectly in every movie can get tiring and redundant and boring. Being perfect is hard.But did you have to pick this movie of all movies to take a break? Did you really have to cry that hard? They came back for God sakes. I was getting flashbacks to scenes from Highway which only made it worse since I had no choice but to compare the two. Bad idea.  And then you topped it off by falling for SRK. Did you have to be so predictable and fall for the therapist? Even if it is SRK?
Also - please eat. Gaunt is not a good look for you.
PS- good job on the steady stream of eye candy and the playing it cool. You did a sister proud. Bonus points for Aditya.

Also- thank you for hugging your maid and showing that relationship in a good light, I was getting tired of back talking maids and rude employers.

Dear Shah Rukh Khan:
First of all - where did you go that you had to miss an appointment with Alia? Why didn't you answer her when she asked? Why you gotta be shady like that brah?
Second - Good job on the hair and make-up and refreshing plastic surgery. You look great. Now stop messing with your face.
Third - Really? You are gonna tell India to take the easy way out? Really? That's your solution to facing a tough situation?
Fourth- I fell asleep towards the end, so you not only cured Alia of her insomnia but mine as well! Thanks mate! Send me my check in the mail.

Dear Friends of Alia in the movie:
Jackie chick: Huh?
Ira Dubey: Eh?
everyone else: Why?

Dear whoever watched the movie or will want to watch the movie:
  Watch it if you are bored or for time pass, or if you are a die hard SRK fan. If not, you can pass on this one, everything you see and hear are reworked alliterations of something you have already seen or heard. Bummer because it has an all star cast, each bringing their own set of super talents and expectations to the movie. Double bummer because I really wanted to like it, but it boiled down to a weak plot and storyline. Therapy in India is a budding practice, and slowly people are becoming more open and less secretive about it, so props to the writers and director for taking on such a subject and trying to make it seem less scary.  Maybe if the subject had been approached a little differently, with a different brush and better editing,  the results would have been better. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

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