Rumi's World: Make-Up

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I love love love make-up. Like love. Not like love. Love love. So what does a person do when they love love something? They buy buy buy it. Well at least I do. But then I come home and promptly either forget about whatever it is that i've bought or I don't know what to do with it.

I figured i'm not the only one; so I put together looks that I found from around the world wide web of some of the make-up palettes i'm currently obsessed with.In case anyone is sitting at home holding the palette in their hands and going 'now what?' or are bored of using the same 3 colors from the palette: here you go.

I'm going to start my current top obsession - the Huda Beauty palette.

From Huda herself: 

Watch here create the looks here!: 

Other Make-up bloggers:

Wowza right!

Videos I loved  to get started on those looks!: