Sartorial Schizophrenia: Grammy's 2017

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First of all:

Did anyone watch her performance? Habibi and I spent most part of the performance altering between this

and this

Well. Habibi was more confused than dazed. 

#adorbs #hereallyisthatcute

Right. Moving On. 

It's the Grammy's which means you get to go crazy. The music industry is cray cray to start with, Kanye i'm looking at you; so when you know the Grammy's are coming up, you know they will go buckwild which is the entire reason I get so excited. 


So in ode to the cray, let's start with the cray! 

Followed closely by the 'of course we will wear black to the Grammy's' 

But of course we have the ultimate rebels who chose to wear romantic florals

Next come the 'Sexy and we know it, we are always Sexy, all day err day'er's 

and of course the 'we wear pants and can be sexy too'ers

This was my least favourite category, ' the please Rumi is begging you, eat something' category. 

Next we have the metallics, #duh: 

The 'we are cut from the same cloth' guys: 

The ' Flashback to the Olden Days': 

And Finally. 

The Queens. The Heavyweights. The Leaders. 



We had the usual smokey eye/nude lips, glossy lids / nude lips, the we went crazy with the black liner, and the we have pink eye

Yay for the Grammy's!