Snoopy Mcsnoopster Much?

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I think the reason why bloggers are doing so well in this day and age is because everyone out there is just like me - snoopy nosey little busy bodies. #guilty #gossipmuch
I'm all about the blogger world, I love being able to click on a button and see what someone I follow in California or Dubai or India is upto in their lives.

You know what I love even more than seeing what they are wearing or buying or looking at pictures of their pretty pretty homes?
I love knowing how much someone makes and how they spend it and save it and use it. #snoopmuch #noseymuch #noneofyourbidnessgurl #so?

IF you are like me, read on my friend! I have a treat for you! It's so interesting to see how men and women spend and save so differently!
If you aren't like me, keep reading anywhere, albeit with a little less joy, it's still super interesting.

The Men:

Read this article to see how a millionaire is saving his money.

Check out how millennials are using their money.

The Women:

Wanna know how a woman living just about poverty line lives? Find out here.

Here's a cool one. It compares 6 30 years old women and their incomes.

The Both: 

Heard about the pay gap but didn't really think it applies or isn't true? Let me burst that sweet little bubble for you. Read this.

To the nosey in you, from the nosey in me, you're welcome.


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