A 50 Shades of Grey Bedroom?!

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I once had a classmate who took it upon himself to let me know, very delicately of course, that I was really gullible.
Now i'll tell you the real truth about that sentence.
That classmate was/is a good friend. He didn't take it upon himself, it was thrust upon him when he lost a bet amongst my other friends to be the bearer of - get to know yourself - mind opening- news. He didn't tell me delicately, he was hunched over laughing when he told me. This was after he had told me Salman Khan had died. (still isn't funny #truefan) He didn't tell me I was really gullible. What he really said was,' Oh MY GOD, you're so gullible,' between cackles of laughter and tears.

I didn't even know what that meant and when I found out, I was incredulous. and indignant.
I am not gullible I thought to myself. I simply err on the side of optimism and humanity and choose to trust easily and quickly  I said. At least that's what I told everyone and anyone who would listen to me rant. The lunch lady listened. My dogs listened. My grandmother listened. Even my favourite professor listened. Everyone nodded along and made all the right noises, patted my shoulder and gave me hugs, but I knew what they were thinking.

It's true. I do tend to believe everything I see and hear without question or thought. It would be nice if that were only true with close friends and family but it's not. I will whole heartedly believe anything I see on tv, hear on the radio, read in a magazine, etc etc. I am the best person to plan April Fools Day pranks on.

Anyway. Why i'm telling you this is because I might have the opportunity to spread my design wings soon and I have gotten it into my head that I absolutely need a black bedroom. Is this because i've been influenced by all the 50 shades of grey flying around? I don't know. Is it because i'm gullible to all the ads i've been watching? I don't know. All I know is that I ABSOLUTELY need a black bedroom in my life.



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