Rumi Reviews: Baar Baar Dekho

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Rumi Rating: 2/5

Baar Baar Dekho is not a movie you should baar baar dekho. You could ek baar dekho if you are a fan of Katrina or Siddharth, are intrigued by the trailer or you happened to watch the Kala Chashma trailer and thought the whole movie would be as cool.

I’ll lay it out for you:
  •       Katrina does look that hot all throughout the movie. Damn her.

  • ·     The chemistry you see between the leads in the songs does not translate to other scenes. You could see Katrina visibly trying though whether in terms of emoting and trying to connect, or in terms of her actual character doing most of the work to keep them and the family together.  In this case, it was Siddharth who held back and was aloof. On second thought though, is that what they wanted? To appear as if he was an observer to his life and not a participant?

  • ·      What did translate well from real to reel life is the marital problems. I totally understood Katrina’s frustrations and grievances and at the same time I could empathize with Siddharth. His -i’m a lost little boy- bit would annoy me too but I can understand why he was behaving like that. He had just traveled through time!
  • ·       I liked the line Katrina uses on him about how some people are drivers and some are passengers in life. (I’m gonna use it on Habibi.)  I think the director did a good job in keeping it as real as she could in between all the time traveling and futuristic Siri like devices.
  • ·      The movie could have done with better editing. There was too much back and forth time-travelling, making the plot unnecessarily complicated. Whatever lessons Sid had to learn could have been done a little more concisely and streamlined. I’m trying to think of a single scene or dialogue that was memorable and I can’t even though I watched the movie not less than an hour ago. Everything sort of melts together.
  • ·      Make-up did an awesome job with the prosthetics. They aged the actors really well through the various ages.
  • ·      The premise that a single person’s actions or inactions can ruin an entire family doesn’t sit well with me although personally I do tend to agree. He spends the entire movie becoming aware that this and balance are the keys to happiness.
  • ·      They should have just named this movie Happy Wife, Happy Life.
  • ·      For reals.
  • ·      I like the songs – video and audio. They are such a good-looking couple. Le sigh.
  • Katrina is an artist in the move : her artwork is legit cool.. I kinda want one for myself! 

If I were you, I would just watch the songs and call it a day.

Here's the trailer:



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