Rumi Reviews: Daddy's Little Girls

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Rumi Rating: 1/5

Let me save you a lot of time and energy.
Don't watch this movie.

Even if you are like me and sometimes want to watch bad tv or bad movies.
Even if you are intrigued by the cast.
Even if you are swayed by the title because you are also daddy's little girl.
Even if Idris Elba looks mighty fine.
Even if you trust Gabrielle Union's movie choices.
Even if those three little girls are super cute.
Even if it is Father's Day and it seems like the perfect movie to watch with your dad.
Don't. Watch. The. Movie.

Here's the trailer:

On a side note: 

They grew up so quickly!

I gave this movie a 1 star for two reasons - actually because of two people:

1. The preacher during the church scene
2. The youngest girl asking her older sister 'why you gotta put my bidness out like that? What's wrong withchyoo' when her sister told everyone she pees on the bed. #adorbs

Those were literally the only two scenes I enjoyed.
Watch at your own risk.



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