Status: Sartorially Stalking Rachel Green

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I just finished binge watching Friends on Netflix and now I'm upset that I did that. Habibi walked into the bedroom at the end of the very last episode to see tears streaming down my cheeks. He doesn't get it, he's never seen Friends... *pause for gasps of shock and double takes.

Sartorially speaking, Season 10 was my favourite for Rachel outfits. Not to mention those bangs(love!) She was mostly in neutrals the whole season, but ones with a certain sense of flair or drama. Just classic simple pieces put together really well.

Wait till you see the back:


Of course there are other looks I liked from other seasons:

Ugh. So cute.
Most everything she wore is now back in fashion, so if you were smart and kept everything you bought the first time around, go get everything out!