Status: Stalking The New Hadid in Town

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 If you don't know who the Hadids' are then you
A. live under a rock
B. are over 30 and don't care 
C. have a life 

I will excuse all of the above, because even I, yes I! - the I who is always up in every celebrity's bidness- barely know who they are.

It's ok. We'll be ok.
Apparently they might be the new Kardashians. We'll see. My girls, the Kardashians, won't go silently into the night that's for sure.
Here's an article in case you want to read about them.

Not that it matters now because there is a new Hadid in town (not really),well one that caught my eye at least. Not in that way though. #EWW
Mohamed Hadid is the Hadid Girls' father. Apparently he's always been in town and he's always been around. That's fine whatevs.

But guys. Oh my God you guys. I came across pictures of his house that he shares with his fiancé in LA and #vomg you guys.  Check this out.

This is the entrance to a secret area in the garden at their home in LA. He has a secret garden you guys!!! #baller!
*That's him and his fiancé btw.

Got your attention didn't I...

The Moroccan Room 

It just gets better and better.

the Hammam Spa 

Yes they have their very own Hadid Hammam Spa. 

I know to some people this is over the top and way to extravagant, but my design motto has always been more is more. I have moments when I love modern silhouettes and architecture, but dude. Come on. A secret garden. 

Click here to see more incredible pictures of the house.

Watch the amazing behind the scenes footage of the shoot.

I did the next obvious thing after I saw the pictures; I went snooping for more of Mr.Hadid. Boy am I glad I did.

I came across more of his design work.

It quickly became evident that moroccan spas and influences are his signature aesthetic.

This kitchen I am about to show you is to die for.

And this home theatre.

Clearly he's a man after my own heart and believes that more is more as well.

More is always better folks.