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OMG ya'll. VOMG!

How gorgeous is that room? I need that cloud of calm in my life.

And this scene of serenity.

And this oasis of opulence.

I'm done with the alliterations. #fornow

As much as I loved the dark sultry vibe of a black bedroom , there is something that always draws me to warm neutrals. I never get tired of them which I think might be the case with a black bedroom.

The genius behind all these interiors is Debora Aguiar, an interior designer from Brazil. Which totally makes sense; which other country has the art of seducing down better than the brazilians?

Ms. Aguiar has a knack of layering creams and neutrals with earthy wooden tones and plants that instantly calms and uplifts the spirit.

The interiors for a project she did in Miami. 

I'm in heaven.



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