Egg Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner... Even a little snack! All Day Err Day!

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I've been in an eggy mood lately as evidenced by all the recipes i'm about to send your way.

Some of them are perfect for breakfast, some for dinner, some for lunch.. i've even included my favorite snack when i'm in the mood for eggs but one thing all the recipes have in common is that they elevate a simple egg to wholesome yummy dishes. Definitely recipes to have in your recipe wheelhouse.
No no. Don't thank me. Thank you.


1. Sometimes all you need are plain ol' eggs : Saltie's Soft Scrambled Eggs

2.Watch the Masterchef himself make scrambled eggs:

3. Poached Scrambled Eggs: say whaaat?


1. Healthy Low Carb Egg White and Avocado Salad 

2. Weight Watcher Friendly Italian Style Baked Eggs


2. Baste your eggs in flavored butters and act like it's no big deal. 

3. Is your Habibi away? Or you haven't found your Habibi yet? Fear not. This Egg Dinner for One will make you happy you're single. #joeydoesn'tsharehisfoood!


1. Eggs Kejriwal Style - as entertaining as the CM! All my desis - you know who i'm talking about! 

2. Don't want bread? No biggie. Make Baked Eggs with Onions and Cheese.

I've given you enough to bury yourself in eggs! Make em and let me know how it was!