I'm Baack!

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Back from two weeks of celebrating my Big Birthday Bonanza by snoozing and cruising in the sun, on the surf, and in the sands of Hawaii!

We went on a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands, stopping for a few days on each island to explore and wreck havoc.

We got to snorkel at Captain Cook's Bay which was super fun but also kinda gross since it was the site of his murder and a popular burial and sacrificial area. I kept picturing bones hidden in the reef below me as I was snorkeling. #gross

I had this picture in my head of Habibi and I holding hands and pointing fish and turtles out to each other as we snorkel in the calm turquoise waters.

What actually happened was this:

Me swimming on my own  with family and friends while Habibi propped himself up with various floatation devices to make sure he comes back alive.

Literally like this kid. #lamao #welaughedsohard

So much for romance in the Hawaiian waters.

We also drove the Road to Hana... dum dum dum....
Everyone made it seem like a really big deal - a super dangerous road that we would be lucky to survive. If you've ever driven in India all i'm going to say is don't sweat it. You got this.

Whale watching was also on the itinerary. We saw a mother and calf come up for air and we also saw a whale breech the water and flip back down. We captured the ocean next to the whale breech on video. #dontblameme

If you haven't guessed already- I took none of these pictures but what I took didn't do justice to what we saw so I found some that do do justice.

It was a wonderful way to bring in a birthday and i'm so grateful to everyone who made it possible.



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