Billboard Music Awards 2017

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I know i'm a little late on this but in my defense, Cannes was way too interesting this year. I've rounded up my favorite outfits - desi and international - favorite baubles, favorite make-up, basically everything. But that's another post(s) for another day(s).

The Billboard Music Awards this year weren't that interesting sartorially. Anything interesting that happened, happened up on stage.

Like this. 

And Cher's performance. And Miley Cyrus. And Nicki Minaj. 
Here are the highlights: 

Sartorially speaking it felt like everyone was following one of two trends. Horrible or 'stole it from my grandparent's house'. 

Here are the Vintage Reapers:

  • Clearly stole the tea cosies right from under her grandma's nose and teapot:

  • stole her grandfathers pants and her grandmothers lace mourning veil: 

  • Clearly she's Dick Tracey's grand-daughter so naturally she stole his trench coat:  

  • Remember Mamie from Gone With The Wind? This is her grandson. And when Scarlett O Hara finished her dress from the curtains Mamie took the left over cloth and made her grandson this jacket. 

  • John Travolta's long lost daughter - DUH!

  • Obviously the dust ruffle in her grandparents bedroom. #obvs

  • She clearly stole the trimming off her grandparents suede sofa from the 70's. No Shame girlfriend. No shame. 

Here are the Horribles: 

Straight from the gym eh: 

 no. just no. 

These girls all look like they got caught in a fisherman's fishing net and just decided to wear that to the awards: 

Ok I lied. There were a few kinda cool ones. 

She barely made it to this list. She almost got put into the grandparents house list:

If I had her body at that age, I would wear the exact same thing:



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