I Bought A Tricky Trinket

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I was roaming around online when I unfortunately happened to stumble upon Kristen Cavallari's new jewelry website Uncommon James. 

[ Author clarification #1: there was nothing unfortunate about it. Maybe unfortunate for my bank balance but that's about it.
  Author clarification #2: there was no 'happening to stumble'. I clicked on a link, read an article where I succumbed to curiosity and greed, clicked on another link, happened to find the earring I was looking for, shut my eyes and clicked the pay button. Sadly(for Habibi) there was no stumbling when my finger hit the pay button. #bullseye #sorrynotsorry]

Wanna see what got my miserly fingers to pull the trigger? #miserly? #yehright

Alright. Here's the image. Ignore the very pretty Kristen, her perfectly undone hair, her super cool eye make up, her annoyingly well toned body and focus on her ear.

See that super cool ear cuff on her ear? What's the first thing you thought of when you saw it? That you had to have it right?

Obviously I'm a savvy shopper so I did some more scoping before I made my final decision. #notreally My mind was made up the minute I saw it.

I was a little concerned about the actual ear cuff, as you can see in the picture it doesn't really look flexible or adjustable. I live life on the wild side #rawr, so I decided to risk it.

What I got was this:

Considering I paid a fair amount of money ($70), you would think the packaging would be something a little in line with the price tag.
At least get your company logo printing right. Frankly it was a little anti-climatic and made me start to doubt the quality of the ear cuff.

Hold your breathe for the verdict!

It wasn't too hard to get the cuff on, and once it was on it fit pretty well... for the five minutes I had it on while I was trying to take a picture...before it dropped down the bathroom sink.

Luckily -LUCKILY - Habibi has been married to me long enough that he can now retrieve anything that I drop.

The ear cuff is now safely back in our possession, 'our' meaning Habibi's. I can't have it until I demonstrate responsibility.

In my defense, I was only taking those pictures to be a good blogger.  #kindatrue
It was good while it lasted folks.