Sartorial Schizophrenia: Met Gala 2017

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All right. First things first.

 I'm not a fashion genius nor am I completely idiot when it comes to all things fashion and that's why this look has left me perplexed. I don't get it/ I do get it. The 'don't like it' side is prevailing though. The Cruella De Ville collar with the frizzy tendrils of hair, combined with a train that isn't adding anything to the look just isn't sitting well with me. Like - why does the trench coat have a train?How is this look pertinent to the theme of the night? If it's one thing that annoys me about Met Gala attendee's, it's those who don't stick to the theme. Plus the buttons look off center so I really just want to yank everything to the center and adjust the whole dress. I guess at this point though, no publicity is bad publicity for PC.

Update:  Watch this video of her getting ready for the gala.


Better than PC for sure, but still, how is this in keeping with the theme of the night? Plus that side boob is not flattering. I had dismissed the look from my mind but then I came across this and had to rethink my opinion.

It's not just a plain white negligee. It's a crystal studded negligee. My opinion improved half a point.
Her jewels got her most of the points to be honest.

Now that I have addressed the 'elephants' in the room, I am moving this party train right along.

Can't say I was mightily impressed with the sartorial choices of the attendees this year, most of them stuck to the usual black, white, bold solid colors or shimmery sequined body con.


Yes a few of them stood out - Kylie Jenner (wowza), Salma Hayek (those legging boots, Kerry Washington ( she committed to the look ya'll) but mostly meh. It's like everyone decided to kiiinda stick to the theme but not so much that they didn't look pretty/hot/sexy. #sellouts


Nice. But for the Met Gala - meh.

Kate Hudson though - yowza.



the REDS:

My favorite EXOTIC looks. For the ones that actually took a chance and took the theme to heart:



Make-up: There was a bunch of dark dark smokey eyes, long exaggerated winged liner and colorful looks. 

Hair: A lot of top knots, low buns, lobs, tiaras and hair jewelry. 




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