Spring/Summer Shopping List

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Did you read the title of this post? Hah. I wish. The title should read 'Bags that Rumi is LUSTING after and is subtly showing Habibi and accidentaly emailing her dad but that's all that will ever amount to according to Habibi.'

#humph #whatevs.  A girl can dream.

Let's start with the ones that I don't really REALLY want (if they fall into my lap I won't cry a river #smirk)but omg are they so pretty.

Of course they all happen to be Judith Leibers.

Remember this one? 

The icing is a little different- coloring wise - 

Her name is Maxine. #thoseeyes #sigh

Moving on.

Feeling like Beyonce?

Wanna match your clutch to your make-up? 

Here come my favorites :

Fair warning: Gucci brought it this season. 

I'm going to get one. Even if it means selling my kidney... or Habibis.... #kidding #not #noreally #kidding 

Wait for this one: 

or this one -

I'm loving these too, in case you have a little paper to spend but don't want to take out another mortgage: 

So cute. 

Although now i'm depressed and wish I could: 

Because every time I bring up shopping Habibi goes : 

And then I'm all: 

Sigh. #growingupsucks 

Not that i'm not persisting. Habibi is just being horrendous and hurtful and horrid and horrible.  Definitely not exhibiting Husband of the Year behavior.  #horriblehorrendoushurtfulHabibi 

Don't believe me? 

Friday: 'Just because we have money in the bank doesn't mean we spend it all. How are we going to pay the bills? What are we going to eat? Your new bag? Because i'm pretty sure that cow your bag is made out of has been dead for too long. OK i'm sorry. I take it back. No we won't eat your bags. I promise.No I don't feel bad enough to buy you a new bag.' 

Sunday:  Yes we do have to save AAALLL our money. No we can not live on the street corner with your bags. No I will not buy you one if you starve for a week to save money.' 

Tuesday: 'Why do you even need it? You have so many bags. You don't even need another one. I just bought you one for our anniversary. And you got one for your birthday.  That's two more bags that you don't really need. Get up off the floor honey. You aren't going to die. I promise. I'm sure we can live a full and happy life without a pink bucket bag.Plus you have an orange one don't you? Isn't that the same thing? Because i'm pretty sure it's the same.' 

Wednesday: 'This purse is blue. What happened to the pink one?'  

Thursday: A bag is a bag. You don't need a bag the size of your palm. Yes of course I meant clutch. No I don't know the difference. Yes now I do. Yes, I'm pretty sure other husbands are just like me and don't know the difference. Regardless of what it's called, you won't be able to fit anything in it. Everything will end up in my pockets as usual. No I don't appreciate having lip gloss so handy and accessible. Yes it is sooo cute. No you don't haaaave to have it.' 

See. #horriblehabibi