Cannes 2017: Desi Edition

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In case you were wondering; of course I was going to do a Sartorial Schizophrenic Cannes post.
In case you didn't deduce from the title, there will be more than one post on Cannes since everyone decided to be in Cannes this week and everyone also decided to bring their A game. 
In case you hadn't come to this conclusion, this is the Desi Edition. 

Let's start with my favorites: 

LOVING the earrings: 

Here are all the other looks that everyone wore: 

Deepika Padukone: 

Absolutely hated the way this outfit looked on her:

Not feeling the fit in the boobage area of this one either:

Love this look and the shoes: 

Her Up Close and Personals: 

The rest of Sonam's looks:

Aishwarya's Looks: 

Shruti Hassan was at Cannes too!

Nandita Das: 

And of course Ms. Mallika Sherawat:

Agree with my favorite looks or did another look catch your eye?


Stay tuned for the rest of the Cannes Editions! 


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