Rumi and Ray's Links of the Week

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Ray's Links of the Week: 

  • Is it weird that I read this article and went, "are you telling me that men couldn't buy jumpsuits before this? Whaaaa!"
  • I had been a huge fan of Akis Petretzikis for years and a lot of his work has influenced the way I cook Mediterranean food. So, as a loyal fangirl, here's one of his recent articles that fill my heart with joy about being Indian and loving herbs just as much.

  • This three parter article has been read and reread many times over the years and a staple in my bookmarks list. Well-written, it talks about coding blogger themes by stripping it down to its bare minimum. 

Rumi's Links of the Week: 

  • Screw watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this woman actually does it! Just imagine the stories  Kim Kardashian's assistant would have to tell! 

  • My girl Emmy Rossum is married! Mazel Tov! Check out this article for all the details on the proposal! 

~Rumi and Ray