Rumi Reviews: Jab Harry Met Sejal

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Rumi Rating: 2.5/5 

There were so many different ways I was going to start this review that in the end, I've decided I'm going to give you all of them and you can pick which one you like best.

1. There was a slightly sinister thread running through the movie that wasn’t answered or addressed ever. Did SRK really need to cry and speak to a wall? Or was he talking to himself? Also- why is he so mad and cynical? Why is he so sad? Why can’t he just go home? I kept expecting him to have a horrible back story or a split personality or something. You know, a Karthik calling Karthik situation or something.  But nothing happened. Turns out he's just a regular old joe with insecurity issues and low self-esteem. That to me was the worst part of the movie - having to watch SRK pretend like he has nothing special to offer. That, Imtiaz Ali was your biggest mistake. 
Also -  the black and white flashback we have to endure was creepy not nostalgic. Just a heads up. 

2. I totally called the twist. If that’s what you would call it. Regardless. I called it. Ask Habibi if you want.

      3. The music disappointed me. A few songs were nice, a few not so. I had higher expectations for the Diplo song. It was nice, but I wish they hadn’t held back. They should have used the full force of Diplo and his magic. Or waited until they had a better song for the collaboration. 
      Don't get me started on this video:

      4. Apart from a few outfits, Anushka’s wardrobe in the film was utterly lackluster. YRF - when you have a wedding in the movie, like you always do, at least take advantage of it! Why in the world is she running around in workout leggings and a dupatta?  Aki Narula, you dropped the ball my friend. 
      Side Note: every time I saw SRK in a jacket, I kept thinking of Priyanka Chopra and that leather jacket she said she kept from an ex boyfriend in that interview she did for Instyle magazine. The one that looks suspiciously like the one SRK used to wear. …… dum dum dum…. #justsaying
Double Side Note: For all you snoopy mcsnoopsters out there: 

      5. Really Imtiaz Ali? SRK as a Punjabi? Again? For some reason, it worked in Veer Zaara and I love SRK as much as the next person and think he can conquer all, but maybe let's keep the Punjabi for someone else next time. Or at least refrain from making him wear a turban and dancing Punjabi style.  

6.  Anushka Sharma, I love you. Your acting abilities are growing by leaps and bounds, so is your sexy dancing by the looks of it. Virat Kohli you lucky dog you. You absolutely nailed the Gujju accent and your comic timing is on point.  But. BUT. Please stop messing with your face. Lips, I get. I agree. The fillers balance your  face much better and you look better with bigger lips. The cheek fillers have got to stop though girlfriend. Please don’t Vani Kapoor yourself.

7. I can hear all you aunties shaking your heads at the end of the movie. At the risk of #spoileralert, I can hear you asking ‘who gives up a rich handsome fiancée for a tour guide?! Chee chee chee.’ Umm, how about the kind of girl who would get pissed if her guy just left her alone in a country AND didn't call or check up on her? #idiot #notagolddigger #byeFelicia 

8. Why is everyone all about Rumi these days? First Beyonce had to go name her kid Rumi and  now Iimtiaz Ali is all ‘what you seek is seeking you.’ #backupworld #gettingpossesive

9. Why did they name the movie When Harry Met Sejal when they knew it would bring up comparisons to the original When Harry Met Sally but they had no valid reason to want to bring up that comparison? Is it because Shah Rukh and Anushka are 'friends' throughout the movie? Because that is neither the case nor the premise for either of the movies.   

 I’m sure you can understand now after reading all the different openings, how difficult it was for me to pick. Regardless of which opening you liked the best, I'm sure you've realized by now that the movie has failed to live up to its potential. Which is unfortunate and sad, but I promise I won't hold it against them. 

Here's the trailer: