Rumi Reviews: The Oh So Delicious Movie Butter!

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Rumi Rating: 4.5/5

Butter is delicious. Yes, I know that you know that everyone knows that. But for once I'm not talking about food, I'm talking about the movie. (If you got this far and still think this post is about butter, I'm very sorry. But you're clearly my soul mate. #butterhard)

Alright, back to the movie: it's amazing. It's hilarious and evil and ridiculous. It's brilliant. You aren't even distracted by Jennifer Garner's dimples because you are so distracted by her ruthless ambition.

I remember when this movie released back in 2011 I was vaguely intrigued but not so much that I went out and watched the movie. I wish I had. I remember wondering why Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman and Ty Burnell and Olivia Wilde would want to make a movie about a butter carving competition. I wish I hadn't.

Because I get it now. I will never underestimate or be dismissive of the scripts that leading actors of Hollywood choose ever again. They know what they are doing. That's why they earn all those millions for pretend carving butter and pretend selling cars and pretend stripping.

It's weird because this movie really is about butter. Never is it allowed to take a back seat to the other sub plots flowing through the movie, never is it used as a thin veil to cover other thoughts or issues. Every other theme in the movie, be it adoption and foster homes, be it ambitious house wives, gold hearted prostitutes or unrequited love is woven into the central block of butter that pulls the whole movie together.

Basically, this movie is like a really good piece of cake. All the ingredients came together in the perfect amount for the perfect amount of time, mixed perfectly with the perfect amount of butter to eventually make: the perfect slice of cake, the perfect movie.

The star studded cast was worth every penny they got out of the production company:
Jennifer Garner as the ambitious wife wanting more out of life than her husband can provide, Ty Burnell as her affable long suffering husband, Yara Shahidi as the adorably adorable foster child, Rob Corddry and Alicia Silverstone playing the perfect foster parents.

It's a good movie guys, despite what other critics out there have written. It's funny, entertaining, shows Garner in a new light that is interesting to watch, heart touching and thought provoking. What more do you need in a movie? Go watch it!


Here's the trailer:


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