Sartorial Schizophrenia: Vogue Beauty Awards 2017: Wait till you see what Aishwarya Bachchan wore!

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I normally don't cover Indian fashion in my posts. Not that I don't avidly follow the awards functions ,the airport sightings, the parties and the promo tour outfits; but commenting on them I leave in the capable hands of all the other bloggers and instagrammers who cover Indian celebrities and their sartorial choices. Publically that is. Habibi usually has to listen to why Anushka should have worn loafers instead of sneakers with that outfit and why Ranveer Singh can do no wrong.

I couldn't resist writing this post today though. One was because I absolutely fell in love with one of the outfits a celebrity wore and two,  I just had to show you what Aishwarya was wearing. Between the new hair do (love btw) and the cleavage (woah) and the red red lips (flawless)  i'm sure you didn't notice this not so little detail.

First comes first.
The Bachchan woman.
Yes yes, so nice, so lovely, what a wonderful shade of yellow, very elegant, Navya you look beautiful.

The real stars of the show weren't the outfits.
No sir.
It was the jewellery.

There aren't any decent close up pictures but with rocks the size of countries, you don't really need a close up do you?

Totally feeling those delicate but in no way unnoticable earrings that Jaya Bachchan has on.

Can you see the cool dragon/alligator/I don't know it's some sort of reptile cuff that Shweta Bachchan is wearing? HOW COOL IS THAT? Totally feeling the mother of dragons Game of Thrones vibe.

Can you also see the size of those solitaires that grace her ears? #faint

Not to be left behind, Ms. Navya keeps it delicate with a tiny necklace and earrings, but of course has the requisite cool girl Cartier Love bracelets on.
I've been dropping hints to Habibi for 3 months now. Clearly I need to be slapping him with the hints instead. #iwantmesomelove #nonotyourlovehabibi #CartierLove

Last but oh so definitely not least comes Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
Let's just say I saved the best for last.

Very nice very nice.
She's pushing her style and fashion boundaries, LOVING the hair, make-up flawless, feeling the gown, feeling her cleavage in that gown (very nicely done), not too sure about those red heels with the red lips- a clean black stiletto with texture might have done the job better, BUT. BUT.

WHO CARES when you have a ring of that size and clarity!!! Literally, #idie.

So that's the first time my eyes popped out of my head and my jaw dropped.
Here's the second time:

Um. Is there a better word than stunning? Can this look ever be topped?
I think not my friend, I think not.

But then.

That orangey rustish coral pop of color on her lids is to die for. It just elevates the look so beautifully.
Sigh. Perfection.



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