Solar Eclipse 2017

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Everyone's a little excited over here in America today, rightly so since it's the first total solar eclipse in 99 years.

We're in Chicago so we're only going to see a partial, but if you are in any of these cities, lucky you! You get to see the total eclipse!

My mom and aunt have already called a million times since last night to remind us of what to do. In case anyone else is interested:

1. Take a bath before the eclipse begins and after, so before 11:45 AM and after 3:30 PM. Wash your hair after the eclipse and don't re wear the same clothes you were just wearing. ( My reaction: annoying but whatever i'll do it)
2. Do not eat or drink anything for the duration of the eclipse. ( My reaction: psssssshhh)
3. Don't look at the eclipse, avert your eyes. #avert ( My reaction: now that you've told me not to....)
4. Don't leave any food out, put it into the fridge. ( My reaction: how about I put it all in my belly instead)
5. If you're pregnant, all these instructions are amplified. Basically go sit in the closet for 4 hours. (My reaction: #poorpooryou)

In case you love Astrology like I do and are curious to know how this will affect you, here are a few links I found interesting:

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Read this really cool article on Faith, Astrology and Solar Eclipses.

I was really curious about Folklore and what people in olden times thought of Eclipses. 
I found a few articles that satisfied my curiosity. 

In case you are a NASA fiend : Chasing the Solar Eclipse.