The Elephant Gods: A Poem

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In some cultures, elephants have always been deemed as gods.
With good reason.

They can hear prayers and cries from far away lands.
They have long memories to make you belong your own truth.
They walk the same path over and over again
Making treads for tradition and education.
They care for their children for most of their lives
Reminding us that learning from others before you
Doesn't stop with age.

They don't have a Queen granted by birth.
They choose their wisest to lead them,
Giving us the courage to decide who we follow.
They travel together with purpose,
laying tracks for others to keep.
And when others lay claim,
they create new roads,
imbibing the belief that
your spirit should never tire.

They bathe in wet soil,
Because being covered in mud
Doesn't always mean you are dirty.

And, when we ride these majestic creatures,
We are bound to realize and worship the fact that
Gods are not those who put us in our place
But those who give us faith
To be lifted up to the skies.


Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi from Rumi and Ray!

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