Want to know where all the unicorns went? The Teen Choice Awards 2017

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The Teen Choice Awards were held last week in Los Angeles, California. I know I know.. I'm a week late, but in my defense it was because I was out looking for all the unicorns that disappeared. Turns out, they had pranced their way into Hollywoods' hair.

Niki Demartino 

Candace Cameron 

Bella Thorne 

 Grace Vanderwaal

Rita Ora 

Apart from all the unicorns here were my favorite looks: 

Aisha Dee: 
    Love the dress. I would lost the belt, correctly matched her foundation to her body or bring the foundation all the way down to her naval so that her face and décolletage matched. Apart from those minors, love love love. 

Paris Jackson :
Love. Love the dress, love the accessories, love the make-up.
 Here's a question though: was the outfit appropriate for the Teen Choice Awards though? Although I loved the whole look, it seems better suited to a bridal shower, or an early fall wedding, or tea with the Queen. No? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments! Would love to hear from you guys!

Naya Rivera : 
I don't love this outfit, but I definitely appreciate the aesthetic and applaud the fact that she carried it off really well. Plus she nailed the accessories. I can't think of a single thing I would change. 

image credit: us weekly 



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