Sartorial Schizophrenia: American Music Awards 2017

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The AMA's happened last night in LA. My sartorial expectations for the American Music Awards usually err on the wacky freaky deaky side with a very long leash for the artists and their stylists to run wild. I accept a lot of looks that I usually wouldn't look twice at.

But I mean, come on, can you blame me? Everyone knows Musicland be sartorially cray cray and musicians be the cherry on the cray cray pie. Like, duh, have you seen Lady Gaga? or Cher? or Marilyn Manson?

I was disappointed this year, save for a few exceptions. Apparently everyone got a wear black or be dull memo. Everyone except Diana Ross and her daughter Tracee Ellis Ross. They slaaaaayed. I'm over here hopping from foot to foot in anticipation of showing you guys the amazingness that is Tracee and her mama. Clearly; she got it from her mama.

Before we get to the good stuff, you know, cuz of the sweet pain of delayed gratification and all, I'll start with the Basic Bitches in Black.
sidenote: I hate saying bitch indiscriminately, but I also love a good alliteraton so i'm of two minds on the heading - to keep or not to keep?

Basic Bitches in Black

It's like the oil they used to get her 'wet hair' look slid down her hair and proceeded to give her a 'wet look' outfit.

Lol. so true no.

Demi Lovato:

Nothing to write home about. Her body be banging though and she is working that dress for every last drop. She looks good! A cool hand cuff or an ear cuff would have elevated the look and brought it all together I feel, but it's ok, no biggie Demi. No biggie.

Bebe Rexha:

So disappointed with this look and all because of that stupid lining. The dress was prefect, the hair and make-up perfect, the shoes perfectly complimentary to the outfit and then they had to go ruin it with that akward lining. Not to mention the unflattering things it's doing to her bosom.

Garcelle Beauvais:

Meh. Except for two things : that star shaped ring on her pointer finger and those $10,000 Saint Laurent boots that everyone and their mamas are waiting for. Personally, love the sparkle but that's about it.

Hailee Steinfeld:

Don't ever fire your stylist Hailee or your tailor for that matter. You are on fire gurl!

Kelly Rowland:


Nicole Kidman: 
Feeling those cheek impants and the subtle lift you got done, also feeling that dewy blush/highlighter combo on you; but that's about it. 

Selena Gomez:

Love that hair, love the dark brow, feeling the rust orange lip color but that's about it.


It's funny how all the pairs in the following pictures are dressed so eerily similar. 
Check it out: 

Heidi Klum and Jenna Dewan Tatum: 

Heidi : please consider a change in style. Please. 
Jenna: don't you dare get sucked into the skin tight- boobs out- sparkle over style looks. Please. 

Julia Michaels and Pink:

Although - feeling those sapphire tassel earrings that Pink is wearing.

Lea Michele and Kathryn Hahn:

You know how you feel when you see someone wearing the wrong size bra - half uncomfortable and half pity? That's how I feel when I see people wearing those very on trend bustier cup corsets/dresses. Unless they fit the person and their bubbies to the T, it just looks awkward and uncomfortable. But when it does fit properly, oh la la.
Case in point for bad fit: Lea Michele
Case in point for perfect fit: Ms. Hahn

Ms. Knight and Viola Davis:

I like their looks.
And I literally have nothing else to say about that. #lol #bloggerfail

Patrick Starrr and Chrishell Stause:

*Giggle Giggle*
These guys brought a smile to my face. Their outfits look like so much fun!

Kelly Clarkson and Ashlee Simpson:

I mean, I guess, ok.

I am feeling that Chanel minaudière that Kelly Clarkson is sporting, yes I am.


I usually never comment on the men unless they have caught my eye - which is usually never but boy was I wrong this time. The men paid the AMA's the proper respect it deserves and for that, they get a mention here. 

And then there was this:


The end has come.
Which means...


Diana Ross in all her glory:

And then,
There was...
 The force that is...


How wonderful is she and how amazing are her outfits ya'll. I'm crushing hard. Each look was so full of life on its own, but when you look at all the looks, there is a cohesive story to it all. Beautiful ya. Beautiful. 
Ms. Ross, you own my heart. 


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