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Rumi Rating: 1.5/5

Let me just preface this review by saying: Priyanka Chopra can act. I promise she can. Anyone seen Barfi? or Bajirao Mastaani? Dil Dhadakne Do? Fashion?

 Yes? No? Take my word for it, she can act. Which is why I  blame the director and the screen writers for the disaster that is Priyanka in this movie. The cliched dialogues, the annoyingly breathy i'm trying to be sultry and seductive voice, the outdated styling of her 'evil rich villainess' role; really just the whole lack of originality to her character and role. But it's The Rock.. and Zac Efron.. and Hollywood for crying out loud, so of course our girl took the role. Duh. I don't blame her, if anything, I would have called her an idiot if she hadn't jumped at the opportunity. And an idiot my friends, she is not.

 I digress. This review is about the movie, not about Priyanka Chopra and her life choices even though she was one of the reasons I watched the movie. The trailers were the other reason, more specifically the comic goldness of Zac Efron and The Rock.

Now. Let's talk more about Priyanka Chopra.
Just kidding.

But honestly, there really isn't much more to say about this movie. The only thing good about it were the scenes between Zac and the Rock and their comic timing. Priyanka managed to get in a line or two of comic genius and the other actors got a little bit of the comedy action but other than that this movie was sadly disappointing considering clearly the comedy had potential.

Honestly, you could watch the trailers and call it a day.