Logan Lucky : The Poor Man's Ocean's 11

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Rumi Rating: 4/5

There were so many reasons I should have watched this movie the minute it came out.

1. This movie released here in America with a lot of buzz.
2. After it released it got really good reviews.
3.All the ratings online are crazy good.
4.My sister said it was good and I would totally love it and that I should watch it.
5.This movie has an all star cast. And by all star... I mean All Star - Channing Tatum oh my.... Daniel Craig whoa boy...Adam Driver mmm hmmm...  Seth McFarlane, Katie Holmes, on and on and on.
6. It was directed by Steven Soderbergh who also directed the Ocean's Trilogy - movies I absolutely adore and both the Magic Mike movies - films that I certainly didn't mind watching.. over and over and over again.
7. Comedy Heists/Suspense/Thriller/ Capers are one of my favourite movie genres.

And yet somehow, I could not find the time nor the energy to watch this damn movie.
Until last night when Habibi threw down the gauntlet and refused to watch 'one more damn romance.'
I eloquently pointed out that the movie I had picked was in Telugu.
'I don't care. We are watching a manly movie made by a manly man with manly men doing manly things and that's that.'
In his defense, the poor man had spent all day watching episode after episode of Second Wives Club with me so I did what any intelligent wife would do and hauled ass to the nearest Redbox.
All I needed to see on the poster was the car, piles of money and the prison uniform to make my decision.

You get what you paid for with this movie and you certainly get what you expect from Mr. Soderbergh and a Hiest Caper. It's exactly what you imagine to get when you start the movie, nothing more, nothing less. Basically, it's a poor man's Ocean's 11. Which I did not like. Not one bit. I didn't like that Channing Tatum most definately didn't look like Channing Tatum, I didn't like that there was no flash or glamour, no bling. Mr. Soderbergh cut out the suits, the suave, the charm and left us with the grit and dirt. Literally.

It bothered me as much as it annoys me to watch a James Bond movie without the gizmos and gadgets. You just don't do that.

Other than that folks, or unless you agreed with what I just said, watch the movie. It's pretty damn good. Every single member of the cast does justice to their role - Daniel Craig shines with his black comedic timing, Channing Tatum proves he can act without his acting aid (his six pack abs), Adam Driver and Katie Holmes play their parts well, convincing in their southern twangs and all.  Soderbergh doesn't drop the baton with his directing- it's slick and tight as per usual, the story is interesting and doesn't leave you bored, editing could have been a little more pulled together,  a good 10 to 15 minutes were un-necessary to the plot line, but other than that - Habibi and I got more than a few good laughs in (Daniel Craig was responsible for most of them and there is a pretty funny scene involving the inmates at the prison and Game of Thrones) , I was appropriately nervous at the appropriate times and reassuredly relieved at the appropriate times I needed to be relieved. It's now my turn to pick the movie next but girls, you could do a lot worse than having to sit through Logan Lucky and actually enjoy it.

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